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Sacred Spaces Yoga welcomes all, regardless of where you are in your yoga or faith journey.

We make it easy to begin or continue your growth in a community designed to foster your development – healing your mind, body, and soul as we strengthen your connection to Christ.


Queen’s yoga journey began in 2015 when she explored traditional yoga as a form of self-care. As she deepened her practice, Queen realized that she could use the mat as a sacred space to meet God through prayer and meditation.

Using the stillness and focus achieved through Yoga, she was able to open her heart and ears to God’s Word, which strengthened her spirit and helped her in her battle against depression.

In 2020, Queen founded Sacred Spaces Yoga as a way to share the beautiful practice of Yoga specifically with Black/African-American Christians.

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What our students are saying

My session with Queen caught me at a very vulnerable moment in my life. My anxiety was through the roof as I was experiencing grief from the lost of my husband. My session put me in a place of calm and focus. The music changed my atmosphere of worry to one filled with light and love.

- Nickole Byrd

Queen has the ability to foster a truly safe and sacred space. She not only instructs with clarity, but compassion and passion at the same time. Her classes are full if wisdom and grace. Everyone is welcome to come and be their full authentic selves in her presence. She is a nurturer and leader and a gifted yoga instructor.

- Madeline Cook

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