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Welcome to Sacred Spaces Yoga

Welcome to Sacred Spaces Yoga

Cultivating the Mind, Body, and Holy Spirit

Sacred Spaces Yoga welcomes all, regardless of where you are in your yoga or faith journey. We make it easy to begin or continue your growth in a community designed to foster your development – healing your mind, body, and soul as we strengthen your connection to Christ.

This is accomplished through utilizing the modality of traditional and holy yoga. In our “Sacred Spaces”, you have all the tools you need to deepen your relationship with Yourself, the World, and God.

“Isn’t Yoga Anti-Christian?”

One of the most common misconceptions about yoga is that it is somehow “anti-Christian” or even “demonic”. That it’s impossible for a Christian to engage in what is considered Hindu worship.

This narrative is false. But not maliciously so.

Rather, it comes from a lack of understanding that Yoga predates the Hinduism faith entirely. Practicing Christian based yoga can be as simple as opening your heart, mind, and soul as you include God in your practice. We teach various techniques to help with this, such as employing Breath Prayer.
Through Sacred Spaces Yoga, you will broaden and deepen both your understanding of Yoga and your connection to God.

Queen’s journey began in 2015 when she explored traditional yoga as a form of self-care. Like many others, she was initially apprehensive about the benefits Yoga could bring into her life.

But those doubts were soon erased.

She began to look forward to every session, to the calming feeling that would overtake her the moment her feet touched the mat.

As she deepened her practice, Queen realized that she could use the mat as a sacred space to meet God through prayer and meditation. Using the stillness and focus achieved through Yoga, she was able to open her heart and ears to God’s Word, which
strengthened her spirit and helped her in her battle against depression.

She had an epiphany.
She could have begun strengthening this connection sooner if she had been instructed properly in three things:
  - Breathing techniques.
  - Cultivating love of her body.
  - Nourishing her connection to God.

How many other Christians out there had had the same thought? How many others would abandon practice without reaching the same height she had?

With those thoughts in the back of her mind, Queen breezed through her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and her 100 Hour Holy Yoga Teacher Training in 2019.

And thus, Sacred Spaces Yoga was born – a guided practice where Queen helps lead the uninitiated towards the same peak she reached with her training in Vinyasa Yoga, Holy Yoga, and Rocket Yoga.

Queen is determined to create safe spaces where individuals can find serenity, gratitude, and self-love - all while challenging their bodies, minds, and souls.

Shakethia “Queen”

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