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Welcome to the Sacred Spaces Blog!

As a Christian yoga instructor, I’ve had to navigate through many experiences, both good and bad, as I reached the point of loving Jesus and Yoga. The goal of my blog is to help share a few of “Queen’s Reflection’s”.

I’ve always considered myself more of a Creator Supporter than a creator itself. It can be tough for me to take and express my own ideas, but if you have a project you can bet I’ll help create and manage your tasks, create graphics, design your site, produce and even edit your videos.

That’s when I realized that this blog could be a mutually beneficial journey. Because when you think about it:

You are the project. That’s what you’re here to work on.
And if me sharing my experiences, thoughts, and discoveries will help you complete that project, I’m all for it. So, here’s a little of what you can expect from future Queen’s Reflections:

Content by Black Folks for Black Folx

I learned early on in my yoga career that while yoga is for everybody, I’m not everybody’s yoga instructor. I will not apologize for this. Does this mean you cannot benefit from Sacred Spaces Yoga if you don’t identify as Black? Of course not! I’m just going to make sure my people also feel taken care of.

Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus

I love Jesus! I know the term “I met God on my mat” is sometimes overused but I cannot deny my experience. I cannot deny how God has used the modality of Yoga (beyond the physical practice) to speak to me and through me. And my goal is to help you also become His instrument. 

Yoga from My Lens

I don’t know everything about yoga. (I mean does anybody?) What I do know is my experience with yoga on and off the mat, and that’s what I’m inviting you to participate in. 


Someone once told me I was funny and I have been living off that one compliment ever since. (See…you know you chuckled). 

Grammatical Errors

I am college educated (as if that matters) but I’m sure you will find many grammatical errors in my content. There will be semicolons where there should be periods. My subject and verbs will not agree. *shrug*